Does Apple use Vue js?

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Barry Dyngles

The short answer is no. Apple does not use Vue Js in any of its products or services. Apple uses its own proprietary programming language, Swift, to develop its applications and services. While Apple is open to using third-party frameworks and libraries, it generally prefers to use its own solutions.

That being said, Apple does have some ties to the Vue Js community. Apple has a page on its website that lists various resources for developers who use Vue Js. These include tutorials, sample code, and other resources. In addition, Apple also provides support for developers who use Vue Js in their projects.

Furthermore, there are some developers who are creating applications for Apple’s platforms using Vue Js. These applications are not officially supported by Apple, but they do exist and can be found on the App Store. While these applications may not be as feature-rich as native apps, they can still provide useful functionality.

In conclusion, while Apple does not use Vue Js, it has some ties to the Vue Js community and there are some applications that are developed using Vue Js. Apple’s support for Vue Js is limited, but it still provides some resources and support for developers who use the framework. Ultimately, it is up to developers to decide if they want to use Vue Js for their projects.

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