Is Next.js static or dynamic?

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Barry Dyngles

Next.js is an open-source React-based framework that is used for creating websites and web applications. It is popular for its scalability and flexibility, which allows it to suit a variety of projects. One of the key questions is whether Next.js is static or dynamic.

Static websites have fixed content that is manually updated by developers, while dynamic websites have content that can be changed through a database. Next.js can be used to create both static and dynamic websites, giving developers the option to choose the type of website that best suits their project.

In addition to its static and dynamic capabilities, Next.js has many other advantages. It is easy to set up and deploy, and it has server-side rendering support for improved speed and efficiency. Additionally, it is highly scalable, so developers can use it for their small or large projects.

Overall, Next.js is an excellent tool for developers of all levels. It has the capability to create both static and dynamic websites, and it offers a variety of features that make it an attractive option. So, for those just starting out or those who are experienced, Next.js is definitely worth looking into.

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