Who gets paid more Angular or React developers?

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Barry Dyngles

With the increasing demand for high-quality websites, developers who specialize in Angular and React have become more and more sought-after. As both of these frameworks are powerful tools for creating websites, there is much debate over which one pays better. This article will explore the differences between Angular and React and which type of developer can expect to receive a higher salary.

Angular is a framework created by Google that is used for creating dynamic, single-page web applications. It is based on TypeScript, a language that is a superset of JavaScript. Angular is a feature-rich framework with a powerful CLI, a component-based architecture, and many built-in features, especially beneficial for enterprise-level applications.

React is a library developed by Facebook that is used for creating user interfaces. It is also based on JavaScript, but it is not a full-featured framework like Angular. Instead, React allows developers to create reusable components that can be used in any application. React is popular for its flexibility and its ability to create interactive user interfaces.

In terms of salaries, both Angular and React developers can expect to receive competitive incomes. According to Indeed, the average salary for Angular developers is $113,711, while the average salary for React developers is $111,817. Although the salaries are similar, the skills and experience required for each framework are different and can affect a developer’s earning potential.

The most important factor for determining a developer’s salary is the skills and experience they bring to the table. Angular requires a deep understanding of TypeScript and the component-based architecture, while React requires a mastery of reusable components and the ability to create interactive user interfaces. In terms of demand, React is currently more popular than Angular, and therefore there are more job opportunities available for React developers.

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When it comes to job titles, Angular developers are usually referred to as “Full Stack Developers” or “Software Engineers”, while React developers are usually referred to as “Front End Developers” or “Web Developers”. The salaries for these job titles can vary depending on the company, but generally, Full Stack Developers and Software Engineers tend to make more than Front End Developers and Web Developers.

In conclusion, Angular and React are both powerful tools for creating dynamic websites, and both types of developers can expect to receive competitive salaries. However, the skills required for each framework are different, and the demand for each type of developer varies. The best way to determine which type of developer will receive a higher salary is to take a closer look at the job market and the specific skills needed for each type of job.

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