Do companies still use Angular?

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Barry Dyngles

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework used to create dynamic web and mobile applications. First released in 2010, it has since become one of the most trusted frameworks for development. But is it still relevant in 2021?

The answer is yes! Angular is still a popular choice for many companies, both big and small. It offers lots of features that make it ideal for building user-friendly and interactive applications. Companies are using Angular to create applications that are engaging and appealing to customers.

One reason why companies still use Angular is that it is easy to learn. It’s based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so developers familiar with these languages can quickly learn how to use Angular. Additionally, it has a variety of ready-made components that developers can use to construct applications quickly and effectively. This expedites the development process.

Another reason why companies still employ Angular is that it’s highly customizable. Developers can easily customize it to fit their particular requirements. It also has a plethora of third-party libraries that developers can integrate to add extra features to their applications. This makes Angular a great option for companies that want to develop custom applications with specific features tailored to their business.

Finally, Angular is also incredibly secure. It has a number of built-in security features to guard applications from malicious attacks. Furthermore, it has a rigorous code review process that ensures the code is secure and safe to use.

In summary, Angular is still a popular choice for many companies. It is easy to learn, highly customizable, and secure. This makes it the perfect option for companies that want to develop user-friendly and dynamic web applications. So if you’re in search of a dependable, secure framework to develop your web applications, Angular is an excellent choice.

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