What language does Next.js use?

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Barry Dyngles

What Language Does Next.js Use?

Next.js is an open-source JavaScript framework designed to create server-rendered apps and websites. It utilizes the popular React library to create dynamic, interactive webpages and applications. But what language does Next.js use?

The primary language used in Next.js is JavaScript. This is the language used to write all the code that powers Next.js. Additionally, Next.js also makes use of HTML and CSS to create the user interface. These languages are used to create the visuals of your website and are essential for creating a visually appealing website.

The HTML used in Next.js is HTML5. This is the latest version of HTML and is the most widely used version. It is the version that is used in most web browsers. The HTML is used to create the structure of the page and is used in combination with CSS to control the look and feel of the page.

The CSS used in Next.js is also HTML5. CSS is used to

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